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This was our first year doing a haunt, so at the time only us three knew about it. Jeff's father also helped allot during the end of the season but was mostly there as an engineering consultant, which we found out later on is a very good thing to have. At the time we had big dreams and would have needed more people to help out, but it never turned out.  So we used this year as a starting point in our goal to create a great haunted maze, and try not to look back on how small and cheap it was.


This was a fun year. Being that it was our first year we all had high hopes and big dreams. Our original idea was to have a huge haunt all with an Area 51 theme. Most of it never got started and one room was a total flop. But as with any experience, we Patio before construction learned something. Unfortunately we never took any photo's so there's nothing to show what it was like (unless you where lucky enough to visit us that first year). The first hallway that you went into was a created out of steel framing studs (A material that any haunter should learn to love). They were used to create a metal framework that went from a brick wall to the house, providing support to attach black tarps onto. This same idea we have improved and has turned out to be a very good, cheap way to make long hallways. The structure was made of many steel beams cut to make right angles that acted as ribs to support the tarp. The ribs were attached to one long beam that was attached to the house and another one on the brick wall, creating a four foot wide covered hallway.
Daniel and Jeff on Halloween Night For the walls in our little maze we used 1"x2" boards to create a framework that we later attached 4'x8' sheets of Styrofoam insulation. This material was at the time cheep and for us, easy to work with. We later found out about its many problems. The Styrofoam work ok for the first year, be we found out that it can be a problem when you scare a guest and they go through the wall, yes I said through a wall. Because we were trying to go as cheap as possible the ceiling was made out of black plastic tarp in some areas and the Styrofoam in others. Our second to last room was our newspaper room. The idea for this was given to us by our friend Matt from high school. This room gives of the best effects in the haunt. The newspaper room is exactly what it's name implies. From floor to ceiling is covered with cut up newspaper that has been pasted onto the walls and ceiling. When combined with a strobe light and some smoke the results can be deadly. Get someone in there scaring the guests and it's even better.

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