• Jeff
  • Daniel
  • Clayton
Extended Staff
  • Al Pimental
  • Alex Martines
  • Amber Keith
  • Brendon
  • Gilbert Chaves
  • Sherry Van Brunt

This year we decided to expand our haunt and so we needed many more people, as you probably can tell. Most of are friends in one sort or another from band or school. Most of our costumes where pretty bland, except for the bride, who is wearing a real brides gown, every one else was just a mask and dark clothes.


This Year we get the idea that with a little more money we could build a better structure and have many less problems. With the help from Jeff's dad we were able to build a sturdy structure that could hold up to the rain and guests bumping into them. The photo to the right is the entrance hallway, it has an Cast Photo improved design over the first year, but is relatively the same. As with the first year we used metal studs to make a cover for the sidewalk that runs up the side of the house. The cover is a thick black plastic tarp that is screwed down on the inside of the walkway. One little idea that has helped the plastic on was a 1" square piece of cardboard with a drywall screw in the center. this allowed us to connect the tarp the the metal beams without tearing the plastic. This photo is the view  from inside the hallway. If you look closely at the top you can see the strips of cardboard. The Next area of the haunt was built under a covered patio so we were lucky enough to not need to build a roof over it. For the walls we again used the metal studs to build framing, then used drywall as the walls. After working with the drywall and metal studs, I would recommend that you use these to build your walls. Plywood is also a good material but cost more than drywall. Along the sides of the house we decided to use the old Styrofoam for walls. As you can see from the picture Entrance Hallway this was or graffiti room, which gave a great effect under the black lights and with the 3-D glasses. The next room was our now infamous newspaper room. As before this room was covered in cut-up newspaper from roof to floor. This is one of the best effects in the haunt because there is no way to get around it. The covering in these two areas where a combination of  black plastic tarp for the graffiti room, and cardboard in the newspaper room. The photo on the  lower right is a view of the newspaper room, you can see the strobe light in the upper left corner. For our Pokka dot room we needed it to be moveable so be built a framework of 3/4 PVC pipe that we could move in and out of the house. We then attached more black plastic tarp to the inside of framework, to create a dark hallway. The last room in the haunt was again, a patio that we covered and then hung tarps on the walls to make a dark room. This section there was no real building since it was all one big room.

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