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  • Daniel
  • Clayton
  • Al
Extended Staff
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  • Crazzy Uncle Brian
  • Cody
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  • Laura Chan
  • Paul Herrera
  • Ray
  • Tim

As always we ran into trouble finding cast members to help out on Halloween night, but we were able to make due with the people we had and pulled off another great year. We had a couple of flakes (Cough) Melanie, but it was not too much of a problem. This year we also had the largest cast then any other year, and we also had the largest turnout then any previous year, even with it raining. The themeing turned out excpanaly well for have such limited time.


Before the city Well, this was an intersting year, we started off eairly and worked hard to create the best haunt that we haver ever done. But then the hell began... some one complained and the city responded. We know had the city breathing down our thoat about building an addition on the house with out a permit. So then began the month long process of meeting with the city trying to figure out what we can do to keep the haunt alive. Eventually we got a nice tip, and were able to continue without the city watching over our backs, but this required us to compleatly rebuild the entire haunt from scratch. (Photo Sept. 12, 2003 is before city, Photo Oct 13, 2003 is after city).
This year was all about speed, after loosing a month of work, we needed After the city to work fast. The construction was the same as before, using metal studs to frame the walls and structures and then use drywall. So for the most part we use standard construction principals, but with a little less framing than standard. Luckaly we hard most of the materials and drywall from previous years, so we were able to save alot of money.
This year the haunt started off at the front entry way of the house and went thought the 'portal' into the realm, after this you would enter the mortuary, with our hand made coffin (See Projects) and a gost piano player playing the funerial march. Once you exit the mortuary you go into the dot room, which was the same as previous years, but in a different location. After that you enter one of the best theamed area's in the entire haunt, the grave yard.

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