About The Realm



Primary Staff

  • Jeff
  • Daniel

Extended Staff

  • Brian
  • Al
  • Clayton
  • Alex

Well, the majority of the work is done by me (Daniel), Jeff, and Clayton with the help of a few parents and friends. Now we are all in collage but we started off as band geeks (nerds, dorks, whatever) in high school and we all became friends through band. With all of us having many of the same interests it's no wonder why, but we started hanging out together and as always we started talking. Things eventually got around to haunted houses, special effects, and other things of that sort. After awhile we all agreed it would be loads of fun to build a really cool haunted house. As time went on we kept on talking and more and more often the conversation changed over to haunted houses. Jeff kept on commenting that his house would be perfect to build one, and eventually we decided that we should. Then thought the last few months of school we talked and planed and talked some more, and came up with some great ideas.  Eventually we got around to working on plans and then actually buying materials and starting construction. So that's how we got started, read about the other haunting seasons to find out more.

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