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October 28, 2008: Like last year will we only be decorating the front yard and there will be a pair of us out roaming around lookng creepy and scaring folks. I have uploaded all of the previous years images after a long delay and will be doing general maintance on the site as time permits.
November 12, 2007: I have reinstalled the gallery and uploaded the 2007 Halloween photos for now. As time permits I will be working on upload previous seasons and be atempting to keep the site up to date as much as possible.
November 1, 2007: Yet another Halloween season has come and gone. This year was quite differen because we only decorated the front yard due to time and bugget restraints. So rather than walking through a maze it was more of a scare zone. From what we could tell eveyone seemed to like it, we got no complaints so we consider it good. Jeff as always is alrady planning for next season, but we will have to wait and again see what time and money permits.
November 2, 2005: Another great season come and gone, as stated on the main page we had around 250 people come through, which is lighter then last year, but we think that is because it was a monday and last year we had said it was also the finnal year. Scare wise it was great, we had a much smaller haunt then previou years but we packed in the scares, to make up for the small size.
October 15, 2005: We have reversed our previous decision of not building a haunt and decided to go for it in what little time we have. It will be a very short maze this year compaired to previous years, but at lest we will pull one off, you can call it a 'Greatest Hits', or a 'Clip Show', so yea... stop by on Halloween night.
October 3, 2005: As posted on the main page we will not be operating a large haunt this year. We are going to try and pull off a set or two in the front yard with a few actors, so please still stop by. On another note, I've moved the site to a new sever to allow better managment of the site and more features. I've also redone the photo gallery an added the photos from 2004, though I have still have never seen the cast photo we took, but I hope to have that soon.
October 14, 2004: Haunt construction is about 75% done, and with no complaints from the city as of yet. The web site as been updated for this season, and with the new intro, as you can probably tell we are doing a swamp/redneck theam this year. Hope to see you all on Halloween Night & Happy Haunting.
September 18, 2004: We have been woking on construction for about 3 weeks on and off now, and so far progress is going well. We havent had any complaints as off yet and will hopefull not recive any, but only time will tell. As with our problems with the city last year we have decided to take a different approach to building design and construcion, by building each structure seperatly and desigend to disamble into 4 seperate walls, which are then stored untill closer to halloween. This should limit the dealing with the city to hopefull none.
August 1, 2004: Wow!, we found some long lost photos of our 2000 haunt, though it's painfull to look back and see how crapy our haunt once was its shows how far we has come over the years.
July 2, 2004: We pulled off the haunt with to much of a problem and with out any more hassle from the city. Sorry for the long wait on updating the site. Yesterday we started on construction on the haunt for 2004, wich I'm sad to say will be our final year as a large haunt.
September 26, 2003: Well, the city succeeded in closing down our original plan, so we are now in the process of deconstructing what work we have done and redesigning the haunt so as not to deal with the city.  I stress  that we WILL be open on Halloween, but the haunt will be much different than previous years.
September 12, 2003: As you might have seen the notice on the main page, the city of Torrance is trying to shut us down. We received a notice that permits are required to build the haunt structure, which would be a minor inconvenience. But after the meeting with the city officials we have come to the conclusion that they are throwing every bs law they can find at us to try and stop us. So, now we have to deconstruct 2 weeks worth of work and redesign the haunt.
July 18, 2003: We are almost finished planning the expansion for the 2003 haunting season, and will start construction in early August.  I've started on building props, tool and other miscellaneous things needed this year. Finally I found some pictures from the 2002 season that will be posted soon. Also you might have noticed that I removed the flash version of the web site. This was because it was to much of a pain to update, though soon I will have the intro back up.
January 27, 2003: Finally got the 2002 pictures on the website, and thanks to a friend of mine got 50 MB of free space on a web server. We have talked about the problems and other stuff of the 2002 season, and decided on how to fix them and what we want to expand for 2003, more on that later though.
November 25, 2002: We have finished taking down the structure of the haunt.  So far we have a 5ft. stack of drywall and lots of metal beams.  The pictures have been scanned and will be up soon. And of course Jeff being Jeff, he is already planning for next season, so come back next year.
September 24, 2002: Well, today we got our first complaint from the neighbors (Sort of) I guess they finally noticed the 8 foot wall's in the back and stopped by to mention that they were not to pretty.
September 18, 2002: Most of the construction has been finished and we are now hanging drywall and working on final details. We are hoping to open the realm on the Friday & Saturday before Halloween (If the neighbors permit us to). Also we have calculated that the size of the realm will more than double.
August 24, 2002: Construction has started!!!. We have begun constructing the haunt for this year, and a final floor plan has been made. We have many ideas that we will be trying this year, so it should be a good haunting.
June 7, 2002: Our short-lived vacation from haunt planning has ended, and we are now in the planning stages for the 2002 Halloween season. Also we are currently planning to almost double the length of the realm this upcoming year.

キ The 2001 photo's have been scanned and are now available to view.
キ We have created a final plot for the realm that will hopefully last us.

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